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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Do not compromise..learn

People are still having trouble believing that we are in stages of persecution. We are in stage four and rapidly moving to stage five.

I cannot stress how important it is to face the situation and work on your private personal souls.

The perfection series which I started a year ago was an effort to share what I know about the stages and to help you to see how we must be in the illuminative stage at least to face persecution without crumpling.

Of course, God gives great graces to people in prison to endure suffering.

But, imagine, as I have written before, waking up and turning on your computer and finding no EWTN, no Father Z, no Catholic or Evangelical blogs..

Imagine being fined for not cooperating with the evils of obamacare, and perhaps being put in jail for civil disobedience.

Know that the target for most of the laws against life and religious freedoms are targeted at Catholic institutions.

The only permanent institution which directly challenges any government in the world is the Catholic Church.

In order to withstand the coming wash, living the life of virtue is difficult.

For eight years, since I lived in Illinois, I have been trying to help people see the dangers of big government.

Without rights and normal ways to get information, how will you make decisions which are good?

Simple, by being so close to God that you always see what is right. God gives discernment and strength to those who pray.

Sanctifying grace gives truth to the mind. Think like a Catholic.

Do not have false gods in your life, like money or status.

More on perfection later today....