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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Entering the final stage of persecution NOW

A sober note from Supertradmum:

I rarely write a real editorial but know that I must. As reported in the Catholic Herald this week and a few weeks ago, the SSM bill in Great Britain allows for no opt out for Catholic registrars or superintendents for registrars. There most likely will not be an opt out for primary school teachers, either.

The choice of a Catholic registrar or Catholic teacher in the state schools will be to either be a faithful Catholic and refuse to cooperate, and possibly be fired, or to make a decision against one's Catholic conscience.

Cooperating in sin is sin.

I pray that all the good teachers of any denomination will say no to this law.

I hope Catholics realize that we are in the same position as Catholics under the Marxists when persecuted in the Iron Curtain countries.

We are in the beginnings of the final stage of persecution.

People will be impoverished. Children will suffer.

Are you getting ready for this?

Those who deny this are ostriches. (I know it is myth, but it is a useful myth).