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Friday, 22 February 2013

More on the final stage of persecutiion

Since last year about this time or earlier, I have been sharing the findings of sociologists and psychiatrists after the war regarding the stages of persecution. You can find these under my tag, persecution.

I am watching, as I type, the Parliament hearings on the SSM bill. Registrars, as I posted from the Catholic Herald article yesterday, will not be able to opt out. Read the comments.

Now, it looks as if, surprise, surprise, teachers will not be able to opt out.

One teacher just said he wants sex education for five year olds.

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We as Catholics are fast losing ground.

The last stage of persecution witnesses laws directly aimed at the target group, making their activities unlawful and forcing them into poverty and fines if they do not cooperate. This happened here 500 years ago and the persecution lasted into the 19th century. 

Good Catholic people will have to quit their jobs as registrars rather than cooperate with intrinsic evil. Teachers will have to quit their jobs rather than teach against their consciences.

I remember a couple in the Soviet occupied Czechoslovakia who were Catholics and taught at a university. They were both fired for being Catholics, that is, holding ideas contrary to the State.

It is happening here and will happen in the States under Obama. Do not kid yourselves and act against this movement.

To hear Anglican, Methodist and other denominational ministers defend SSM is an abomination in itself, as they quote St. Paul to bolster their side of the argument.

To hear a homosexual teacher say that five year olds need sex education is listening to a paedophile agenda.

I write bluntly while I still can. There are bills being written not to allow discussion against homosexuality on blogs and on the Net as well as in papers and other media.

If you are not working politically against this and/or praying and fasting, you are part of the problem.

UPDATE: if you do not think the Church is in the stages of real persecution, check out all the main line media groups this afternoon.