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Friday 8 February 2013

Part Six on Catherine of Siena--lay and young

I close this section on Catherine of Siena with two notes.

First of all, she was a lay person, not a nun or a sister. So those who think the way of perfection is not for us only have to look at her own life.

God gives His graces to the laity as well as to the religious and priests.

Second, she died at a very young age. Youth can be holy. We sometimes give too much of a pass to unruly youth, forgetting that formation for holiness can and should start early.

The earlier a child learns the ways of God, the more he or she will grow in holiness on earth.

We need holy children. Only the holy will persevere in the days to come. Only the holy...........

And, I am adding something to this post: a quotation from the great saint.

"A soul that love God perfectly ends by forgetting herself and all other creatures. In God, she finds all that can delight the heart; all beauty, all sweetness, al quietness, and all peace. And to the bond of love between her and God drawing closer, she comes,  as it were, to be wholly transformed in Him. And, at length it comes to pass that she can love, delight in, think of, and remember no other thing Him only."