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Sunday, 17 February 2013

The speeding up of time in 2013 and 2012 in review

With all the events in Rome happening so quickly, I must state that time seems to be speeding up for some reason. Scientists may add to this conversation, but so many things seem to be pushing each one of us forward towards our final goal.

My 2012 proved a fast year. I feel like I lived through a lifetime.

I have read tons of books and articles, and written lots of poetry.

I had two marriage proposals while in Ireland twice, both of which I refused.

I was in the convent for two solid months plus a week or two and I decided to come out.

I travelled to four countries within a twelve month period and had amazing experiences, including meeting amazing people.(Thanks to all my generous friends who help me out in these various places. Hug.)

I talked with people about jobs, and worked on a doctoral bibliography and gave up the project with God's insights as to what He really wants me to do. That was hard, as I love study.

I was healed of long standing anxieties and have come to trust in Divine Providence completely.This was easy as it was all grace.

I fell in love with someone who did not fall in love with me -well that was the end of 2011.

I started up my dormant blog again to great success which still amazes me.

I have made at least sixty new, excellent Catholic friends in many places.

I substituted in a great school for a short time.

I met saints.

I saw a friend of mine I had not seen for years. We laughed!

I gave up a book project and had discussions about starting a school. I talked and talked about Montessori.

I cooked and cooked and cooked so many dinners for friends, I lost track.

All in one year.....

And the list goes on.......

In 2013, I visited two countries and stayed with new friends.

I have had discussions on starting a new school, again, with different people.

I have met saints.

I have spent hours in McCafe doing my

I have cooked and cooked and cooked, but not as much as last year.

I have had my real vocation confirmed.

There is more....and it is only February 17th.

The only thing I have wanted to go and do and cannot at this time is paint. I love painting-acrylics and oils.....the year is young.