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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Tough Love

I look at the Crucifixion today and I think on all the people I have met this week who want religion without pain. Most of the people I have met this week, and I mean laity, want a religion which has NO laws, only what they call "kindness". Is Caravaggio's painting above "kind"?

The heresy of universal salvation, which states all people go to heaven, is rift in Great Britain and among the Irish.  The heresy which denies the affects of Original Sin and even denies Original Sin is rife in Great Britain.

Even Catholics deny the efficacy of baptism.

So, why did Christ endure excruciating pain and horrible public abuse is there is no need for salvation?

The denial of salvation is a denial of the entire Passion event. It is a denial of the very reason for the Incarnation.

People say to me, "Well, I think Christ came to earth just to show us how to love."

YES. and He died for Love. He died.

This is tough love.

Someone said to me that it takes all kinds of persons to make up the Catholic Church.

But, not those who refuse to learn the beauty of the Church's Teachings.

I grieve. Christ did not abolish the Law but fulfilled it. He Himself is the New Covenant, the Lamb of God.

He is mocked by His own here in London today.