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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Help on Perfection Series Two Out of Three

I want to briefly reiterate that the Protestant idea of Christians merely relying on the righteousness of God is not only false, but limited in that a person is not seen as being capable of becoming pure, or just or righteous, something to which we are all called, but merely saved.

This is one reason why Protestantism does not understand saints and the saintliness. This is one reason why Protestants do not, for the most part, understand salvific suffering and the overflowing of good works that comes only after purification.

Without understanding that each one of us becomes purified and holy in God, through the Church, one cannot even being this walk towards perfection.

The mind and heart are limited by the false theology which basically believes that men and women are always  evil and cannot attain the mind or character of Christ to the ability to which each person was created.

Hence, the denial of the writings of the Church and the be continued....