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Thursday, 23 May 2013

The Evil of Relativism-the denial of free will and hell

I cannot believe this. I am astounded. A religious person, in a habit, said that there was no difference between good and evil in a person. What did she mean? Does she not believe in objective evil?
Ojective Evil and the Ten Commandments-no good, no evil? That is the logical end of her beliefs.

A person is good if they are in the state of grace and exemplify good deeds. A person is bad if they are not in the state of grace and exemplify horrible deeds, such as abortion, contraception, murder, incest and homosexual activity.

We become what we believe and do. Can God save us from sin and from ourselves? Of course, thanks be to God.

The sister who expressed this does not make a distinction between good and bad. She has become completely relativized in her thought.

Relativism minimizes personal responsibility and merely sees people as victims.

We are not victims, usually. We make choices daily for good or for evil.

Either we are progressing towards perfection or we are not.

The Ten Commandments are the MINIMUM for the Catholic, not the maximum. The Ten Commandments are the starting point for holiness.

I cannot discuss holiness with a complete relativist who denies free will and objective good and evil.

Are there some circumstances with mitigate evil? Yes, but some actions are always intrinsically evil and even if guilt is lessened, sin is sin.

If a nun in an order who teaches publicly believes in the complete relativism of actions and choices, her audience is in trouble.

Those who tolerate evil must look at themselves. Are they tolerating evil in their own lives?

And from the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent bear it away.Matthew 11:12

This means you and this means me. Unless we allow God to strip us of our own evil, how can we discern?

Those who deny personal responsibility for sin also deny hell.

Both of these ideas are heresies. Note how Dante in the diagram above calls those in hell by their main sins-the gluttonous, the heretics, and so on.

We choose what we are and what we shall be in eternity. We choose.