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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Puerilis institutio est mundi renovatio.

We have several "lost generations". I try to reach out to some of the members of those generations. I try to get some of those to examine their lives, as I do mine, daily. I have been given much to share, and without teaching the Truth, the world is not renewed. We can renew our own worlds.

Socrates examined life. He reflected according to his student, Plato. Catholics daily examine their lives, according, perhaps, to St. Ignatius Loyola. The Ratio Studiorum I have mentioned on my previous blog, which was much more into education, as I was still teaching. This Jesuit method goes well with the Socratic method. If you want to look at the Ratio, here it is. I suggest home schooling parents consider it.

Both methods stress thinking skills. Both explore. So does Montessori, my method of home schooling with the Socratic.

Blogging is an exercise in exploration.

I write with people in mind-some who ask me questions. I write to people, not to the air.

Do other bloggers do this?

My posts are mostly like answering questions in my Socratic classrooms I used to moderate.

Teaching is a two-way art-questions and answers. Illumination by asking exploring, through critical thinking, rational discourse.

You open the questions with me. You and I guide the questions. The questions end by you and I seeing the applications to our personal lives.

Neat. Like good Ignatian spirituality, learning, like holiness, is pragmatic as well as ethereal.

One gets involved objectively in the Truth. But, one cannot be a relativist and enter into the pursuit of Truth seriously. One must want objective Truth.

I am so glad I have the Catholic Church to help me discover the Truth, Who is a Person, daily in reflection, prayer, study.