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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

On Liturgical Discipline Lost

In every NO I attend in Ireland, about 25% of the congregation say some of the words of the Mass which are the words of the priests only. This includes the words of Consecration.

I am baffled by this. Unless dementia onset comes earlier to some in Ireland and people honestly do not know what they are doing, I can only believe that somewhere along the line this has been encouraged and not stopped by good priests/

I hardly know what to do. I have witnessed this in many congregations in several different towns, so it is not just a "Dublin thing". But, to hear a woman kneeling next to me, or a man in front of me saying bits that the priest is only supposed to say is distracting. There are too many Catholics doing this for me to correct them.

How did this happen

Can it please end?

I hope it is not some latent heresy such as these people thinking that they are some type of priesthood.


Also, I am glad to say that the Carmelites at Whitefriars are now saying the correct form of the NO, which some were not doing in December, when I visited last.

However, as at Clarendon Street today, I was surrounded by Irish men and women who will not say the new parts correctly. Come on-it has been over a year since the changes came in.

Sigh, for liturgical correctness in the NO, we need direction and discipline. I did talk to one priest about it and he told me that he had told the parish not to do this, but some do not listen. Sigh....the tyranny of the laity.