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Thursday, 18 July 2013

On No Safe Havens. Or, How to Live in Dangerous Times

I have written on this blog and other blogs that I believe there are no safe havens for Catholics any more. Some of our American ancestors immigrated for religious freedom. Those days are gone.

So, in the face of the lack of a hiding place, what does a Catholic do in countries when persecution has come or is coming? We have two enemies and I do not need to name those.

Since the late 1990s, if I was teaching in Catholic institutions, I would ask my students, the Millenials and the end of the Gen Xers, if they were ready to be martyrs. Some said yes.

There are many kinds of martyrdom-loss of job, loss of status, fines--look at the Roper Family history. Margaret Roper died very young-I think her heart was broken.

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But, one must not be caught off-guard.

One must create a mind-set which chooses, willingly, God first, the Church first and all else second.

This is why I have the long perfection series. One must become perfect NOW.

Secondly, one must train one's children to think like Catholics. I have many, many posts on this. Follow the tags.

Why anyone is surprised at the growing evil is beyond me. I suppose some people did not want to face what I have been writing about on line since the beginning of 2007.

My favorite blogger, Dr. Sanity, gave up the blogging fight, as she is smarter than I am.

I have many photos and drawings of ostriches on my blog.

Do not be an ostrich, even the mythical one which puts its head in the sand.

Either you learn to deal with this world and to live in it but not of it, or you will lose your soul.

We are not alone-we have a cloud of witnesses. But, please stop lying about discussions or compromises or working together with evil. As Solzhenitsyn said years ago, there is no d├ętente with evil. I wrote on that as well. The time for writing will end and those of you who have not interiorized the radical Gospel will be left on your own devices.

Many places will not have priests or the sacraments. If you are a parent, it is your duty to teach your children well. Bring them up, as Scripture states, in the way they should go.

There are too many Catholics who will compromise and sell you to the highest bidder. It has all happened before.

I have received hateful comments, which I do not post, from three groups: Muslims, feminists and gay activists. People who write hate, hate.

People who write about love, love.  Be lovers of Christ and His Church and you will endure. Remember my story from the Desert Fathers, which I have repeated on line for six years off and on. Paraphrased.

A young monk came to an abbot and said, "We must be the greatest generation. We see and cast out devils, fast, pray and heal." The abbot replied, "No, we are not the greatest generation. We do the works of God, but the next generation will take over the world and do great works. They are not the greatest generation, either. The last generation will not be able to do great works, but they will endure to the end under persecution. That generation is the greatest-the one which will keep the Faith in trial."