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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The Naivete of American Catholics

I have been reading and watching some of the comments coming out of WTD today, and I am astounded at the naivete of Americans who are lay people, clergy, and even bishops.

Noise, yelling, emotional euphoria do not constitute either leadership or religious belief. These are connotative of emotion. That is all.

Many of the young people do not have strong male role models in their immediate families and the Pope provides this. We also have the 21st century danger of the cult of leadership, which is exemplified all over the world and hyped by the media.

Now, I love our Pope, but I am not into rock star presentations. If youth need such media hype to pay attention to the Gospel, I am afraid this is not necessarily a good beginning of conversion, which demands listening to the still small voice of God, and repenting.

Apparently, the American ambassador made a link between the anarchists, waging class warfare in the streets, and the WYD crowds. How incredibly naive.

How stupid.

Anarchists may be demonstrating against Brazilian corruption and the money spent on the Pope's security, but to make a link and to assume these anarchists will become leaders is absurd.

Anarchy hates hierarchies and laws of any kind.  Anarchists are tools of communists and Marxists, who have always waited in the wings until the anarchists have done their jobs of violence, and then stepped in.

I am ashamed at the naivete of at least one bishop. Anarchy is evil, period.

Nothing comes from nothing, except creation from the Hand of God.

These comments are embarrassing and show how out of touch with the real world our leaders really are.

I think some adults are just too fearful to face the truth of our world.