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Friday, 30 August 2013

Home Schooling and Religion, Parts 17 and XI The Mass

The highest form of worship we have in the Catholic Church is the Mass. This great gift is accessible to those who are intellectuals, non-intellectuals, and of all age groups.

Those who do not bring their babies to Mass miss the point of this great gift, as one, even in the Tridentine Mass, has never needed to know how to read to appreciate and understand it.

Those who say they do not like the TLM because they cannot understand Latin also miss the point, which Montessori makes over and over. We learn not merely by the word, but by action, symbols, music, rubrics.

The Mass is foremost a spiritual experience. Those who deny this to children are denying them the highest form of man's reaching up to God and God's reaching down to man.

Take all the children to Mass, no matter how old. Get them missals and not other books. This is important. And, no Cheerios, as millions managed for centuries without these.

My next post in this series will begin the sections on character building. The previous 16 are listed here, in case you missed these.

To be continued...