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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Many Catholics Will Fall Away in Persecution

Examples of subjective and objective thinking in three minutes in this video.

I am convinced, and in great grief, at the realization that many Catholics will fall away and join those against the good orthodox Catholics for one reason.

Too many Catholics cannot think objectively. Now, I have written on this before, but want to make the point clearer in the context of persecution.

First, objectivity is a sign of holiness. In the time of purification, one learns to step back and see one's self and others objectively. Real holiness is antithetical to subjective thinking, which judges everything from one's own viewpoint, instead of from the outside, the external, eternal Truth.

Second, the past two generations, unless they had rare teachers, like myself, who taught logic, debate, apologetics, have not learned how to think objectively. Now, we have two generations who refuse to judge anyone's actions or events as good or bad, worthy or crass, because they have not learned to judge by objective criteria. They cannot see the difference between judging a person and judging good or evil.

Third, this objectivity can be taught to children and should be part of a child's formation. Montessori helps children be objective, as the basis for this method is Aristotelian and Thomistic. Scholastic methodology in education can happen at home, if parents are aware that it is their duty to raise objective thinkers. Daily examination of conscience is one way of training a child to be objective; that it, looking at one's daily sins and failings. This can be started in training for the sacrament of Confession as early as age six.

Fourth, subjectivity reveals two serious sins; one is self-centeredness, even narcissism, and the second is pride, the lack of love.

Fifth, objective love is the only love which matters-that which is in the will and not in the emotions.

I am increasingly concerned that we shall lose many Catholics and that they will join the ranks of the persecutors because of subjectivism. This is what happened in the English Reformation, or Revolt, as I prefer to call it. When one judges only according to one's immediate needs or safety, one compromises. One loses sight of eternity and only thinks of the now.

Subjective thinking people compromise.

To be continued...and there are many posts on this topic.