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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Father Ripperger Again

All of his talks are on line. But, I am merely highlighting some. Father Ripperger is highly balanced and experienced. One must listen to him as an antidote to much of the wrong teaching floating around the international charismatic community. Only priests or lay people on teams which are approved and trained by approved exorcists.

One of the things Father Ripperger refers to is the growing involvement of young people in the occult, especially witchcraft. What I want to stress that one cannot ask for charismatic graces. He says that a lot of people come under demonic influence through charismatic renewal. Especially chasing after apparitions and looking for consolations in prayer are dangerous. He also has a lot to say about Harry Potter.

Spiritual Warfare Conference #2

These media files are Penanceware, which require that you do one of the following: (1) $1.00 via Paypal (, (2) offer up a decade of the Rosary, or (3) perform some form of penance for the intentions of Fr. Ripperger (for each individual media file downloaded). The same rule applies if you copy and distribute to friends.