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Sunday, 8 September 2013

For Our Lady's Birthday-One-The World's First Love

I would like to share, for Our Lady's birthday, two thoughts from two famous authors. One is Father Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalen, whose book Divine Intimacy I am borrowing for a short while. The other is Venerable Fulton J. Sheen. Both have lovely meditations on Mary and today is a good day to share these.

First, Venerable Sheen. In a talk on Mary called "Mother of Jesus" from the book, Your Life is Worth Living, he gives a small but beautiful thought on the feminine principle in religion beginning as a dream, a dream of God's, of course. He writes, "All people have love in their mind and heart, a composite of memories, thoughts, dreams, ideals, and experiences. Then one day, someone appears. It's called love at first sight, but it is love at second sight. Every great love is a dream come true.  Did you ever see a dream walking? Well, I did. Love is very much like music. We hear music for the first time and we like it because we already have that music in our hearts!

When God became man, or when He willed it from the very creation of the world. He dreamed about a Mother who would decide the time of His birth, circumstances, and all of the detail. He thought of her long before she was born; the world's first love...God could make His own Mother the way artists can create...Almighty God pre-existed His own Mother and made her just as beautiful as He could. That is why she was immaculately conceived." 

What a beautiful thought we have here on the creation of Mary, from a love song in God. Such a thought will make us love Mary more and more.

For Fr. Gabriel's comment, you will have to wait for the next post.