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Friday, 13 September 2013

Points To Ponder Now

1) Obama set up the false red line without doing his homework.

2) England has enough sense to say no to WWIII.

3) Putin came in on his white horse and cleared up the problem, supposedly.

4) Obama gave Putin a blank check to redeem the Middle East and make Americans look like the bad guys.

5) Putin just sent a back-order of more weapons to Syria.

6) Rebels are making fun of Obama as the big fail.

7) Iran comes in with threats of nuclear war against America.

8) Potus manipulates, almost, the American public into thinking he is reconsidering strikes. But, he is just a pawn for bigger powers.

9) The neo-cons want war, for whatever reason.

10) Natural gas and more oil have been discovered and a plan for oil to go from Saudi Arabia to Europe is on the table. But, who is in the way?

11) Europe is bankrupt and would benefit from a war. Industry would start up again, etc.

12) Putin can look like the good guy, solving all the problems of the world for his own reasons. The man is smart, really smart.

13) Americans cannot think in realpolitik terms and miss the entire point of compromise, which is the name of the game in the Middle East, unless we have enough real men for a new crusade.

14) No European country or Russian has succeeded ever in ruling the Middle East since the creation of Islam.

15) Muslims want global domination. Maybe two big countries who hate America would use them to break the West. The Chinese come in from the East, Russia from the north, and the Muslims from the Middle East, in a pincer movement which kills Europe and America.

I first had this idea in the summer of 2008 and even saw the map clearly in my head. I thought it was connected with the election of Potus, later in the year, but he is just a pawn.