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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Second statement from STM

There is a difference between a false pope and a not-so-good pope. I am sick of the false seers and their followers around the globe declaring Pope Francis as a false pope, which he is not.

If we expect every pope to be a scholar or to be holy, we are mistaken.

I abhor the cult of personality, about which I have written before.

I am not going to put out all the bush fires started by remarks which are based on faulty translations, faulty ideas of tradition, or just plain emotional as opposed to rational thought.

The pope is man trained in the modern seminaries. He is not European but South American. What do people expect? We have a pope who has not fallen into the heresy of liberation theology, thank God, but one who has not the appreciation of the long tradition of the Church.

I do not need to defend him or criticize every statement. If people need clarification as to Church teaching, that I can give.

If people are confused on infallibility, they only have to read the posts I have here on this blog under the labels infallibility.

We are in for a rough ride in the Church. God has allowed this. If the Church needs to suffer persecution and has a good man who does not understand the times at the helm, so be it.

The laity have to take care of their own salvation and not hang on to the words of a man who needs to learn the evil ways of the world. God bless him. He is lacking in many of the perspectives of so many adult Catholics.

I am not worried about the future of the Church. We have had bad, very bad men as popes, which I have written about before on this blog. If we have a pope now who is not sensitive now to the real issues of the day, pray for him.

Find the remnant groups who understand the long teaching heritage, and who will not lose faith because of magazine interviews, or too many media sound bites.

The Church is bigger than one man, even a pope.

I wrote this recently on a famous blog.

We have got the pope we deserve and who was formed in the rot of the seminary training which caused Vatican II, and set in between the wars, and in the 1950s, when he would have been in seminary. He is not a pope who is a scholar. He is not one trained in good Thomistic philosophy. He is not speaking to priests, as did Benedict , over and over.
He does not have the Germanic bent for logic, not the Polish instinctual love of democratic freedom.
The Church is going into a time of deep and widespread persecution. We have a leadership crisis. He is not evil, he is not bad, but neither is he “the man of the hour”. I believe the Holy Spirit is in charge of the Church and that God allowed this man to be elected. But, perhaps his persecution, when it comes, like ours, will be part of his salvation.
My faith, thank God, is stronger than one man, and I am not into the cult of personality. I pray daily for Pope Francis. When he moves back into the Vatican apartments, I shall know he has come to accept his real role, which he has not, in my mind and that is the leader of a Church under siege, which he just does not see.