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Monday, 9 September 2013

The Stupidity of Clubbing

All human activity has a purpose. Humans are mostly goal oriented people. 

To listen to classical music is the reason for attending a concert. To enjoy a good movie is the reason to go to the cinema. To play golf or tennis with friends is for exercise and companionship.

This is the most difficult post I have ever written.  C. S.  Lewis said he had to stop writing Screwtape Letters, as concentrating on evil got to him. That is how I feel about this post.

What is the goal of clubbing? I have had a sad but illuminating discussion with a twenty-something about clubbing. Clubbing in Ireland is a BAD scene. One does not go to dance. One does not go to get exercise. Most clubs do not have real dancing.

The goal of clubbing is sex. I have tried to find out today why young people club and have found out that they go for these reasons.

1) to meet up with new people; 2) because it is the "in" thing to do; 3) for the goal of casual sex.

Amazingly boring, really, imo.

Real name, not a joke, sadly....

But, the clubbing scene here in Ireland is huge. In Dublin, there are lists of the clubbing events.

The problem with clubbing is that it makes one stupid. What do I mean?

Getting drunk makes one stupid. Sinning, which some people do not even seem to understand, makes one stupid. In fact, the lack of the use of reason seems to be the main impetus for clubbing. And, do Catholic youth know that getting drunk is a mortal sin? NO? why do they go?

"Because all my friends go"  "Because it is the cool thing do do...." "Because that is what we do on Friday night.."

What about real entertainment, because clubbing is not about dancing, mostly or good music, mostly.

It is about casual sex. Here is a dress code from a famous club. 

Do Wear the Right Clothing – Girls can wear short dresses or even lingerie-inspired pieces while men can wear tight shirts....Do Dress to Impress. 
I looked at several sites on line for dresses for clubbing. Oh, my, goodness. The vast majority were actually pornographic. I cannot give any links to these shops.  And, the dress is worse here in Dublin. Here, young persons just wear tights and tops, no skirts, no slacks-just tights. 

Umm, it is pride to try to impress and immodesty causes sin in another--not Catholic attitudes, people.

I do not know how this generation moved so far away from real fun and real entertainment into sleaze.

Maybe some dewy-eyed college girls think that it is exciting and maybe they feel protected by their friends. This is stupid. 

Here is an interesting poll I found on line. Is it a sin for a Christian to go clubbing? About 52% said yes.
  • yes, it is a sin

I am saddened that some young people are so pressured by their peers that they go along to places which can actually be quite dangerous for them. Especially young women...

The immodest club clothing sends a message. And why Catholic parents let their kids go to these clubs is beyond me. Do they trust their 18 year olds in this type of environment? Are they afraid to be real parents and tell their kids not to go or be grounded? Are Irish kids grounded? Are there any real parents left out there giving guidance about the real predators? There are many predator men out there, young ladies. 

Sadly, recreational sex is so accepted that clubbing is just one more thing to do for this goal.

How this culture has lost the sense of sin. As Catholics, we are to both avoid the places of sin and to avoid the appearance of sin. Catholics should not go clubbing.

But, then, I am an old-fashioned mom.