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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Being Invited to Suffer

I can honestly say that this being in America is like a death experience. Dying to self means dying to all one has desired and hoped. This is true for me. That God is in the darkness is true. He Himself allowed Himself this type of darkness, which is the undoing of self. I am honored to experience a fraction, a tiny fraction of His Universe Sized Pain.

Imagine, just imagine God allowing Himself to be undone, as one is in death.

Imagine God Himself becoming nothing, surrounded by those who do not want to understand Who He Is.

The Great I AM of the Exodus let Himself be scourged, through the Person of His Son.

Imagine the Creator of the Universe mocked as a King, when He IS all and all is in Him.

Imagine Christ carrying a cross and being spit upon by those He loves, allowing Himself to be despised for being Goodness.

Imagine the Passion of Christ happening now, daily, in the streets of Syria, Nigeria, those who are willing to join themselves with Him.

The God of Gods and Lord of Lords allowed Himself to be despised and rejected. Can we desire anything else but to be one with the Bridegroom?

Such is love, to desire oneness, even in suffering....