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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Oh My Goodness

I was visiting yesterday with people who were listening to Rachel Maddow. I could not avoid hearing this program for several reasons.

She was going on about the Catholic Church being against anti-contraception and anti-abortion.

I cannot believe the hatred of Catholics, and corporations like Hobby Lobby, which are being targeted by this woman.

The last acceptable prejudice; the hatred against even the Pope, who was mentioned yesterday in this report shows me how far America has gone into godlesssness. God forgive us.

If Catholics can watch this chilling show and not be moved to know that persecution time is near, these people are living in la-la land.

Get ready, folks.

When a mainstream media person, who gets millions of dollars for her so-called journalism, can spew forth irrational anti-Catholicism, and have this accepted and approved, the days of religious freedom for Catholics is limited.