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Monday, 11 November 2013

On Discernment Again

Someone asked me yesterday about the gift of discernment. Now, I have written about this several times on the blog. All Catholics who are baptized and who have been confirmed have discernment.

This is not a special gift. This is not a charismatic gift, as some think, but a gift necessary for the living out of the daily Catholic life. Discernment is connected to the virtue of Prudence, which helps each one of us decide on spiritual realities we meet daily.

Not only do we have discernment for ourselves, and for various situations, but we have it for others as well. For example, we have discernment for our children, if we are parents. As teachers, who are praying and living their faith, we can have discernment for our students.  Those in government, if they are living a life of virtue, can have discernment for the people they govern and so on.

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