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Friday, 15 November 2013

On the Unitive State-a short post

A last few words on the Unitive State from St. John of the Cross before leaving him for awhile follow:

“It should be known that God dwell secretly in all souls and is hidden in their substance, for otherwise they would not last. Yet, there is a difference, a great difference, in His dwelling in them. In some souls He dwells alone, and in others He does not dwell alone. Abiding in some, He is pleased; and in others, He is displeased. He lives in some as though in His own house, commanding and ruling everything; and in others as though a stranger in a strange house, where they do not permit Him to give orders or do anything.

It is in that soul in which less of its own appetites and pleasures dwell that He dwells more alone, more pleased,  and more as though in His own house, ruling and governing it. And He dwells more in secret, the more He dwells alone. Thus in this soul, in which neither any appetite nor other images or forms nor any affections for created things dwell, the beloved dwells secretly with an embrace so much the closer, more intimate, and interior, the purer and more alone the soul is to everything other than God. His dwelling is in secret, then, because the devil cannot reach the area of this embrace, nor can one’s intellect understand how it occurs.

Yet it is not secret to the soul itself that has attained this perfection, for with itself it has the experience of this intimate embrace.  It does not, however, always experience these awakenings, for then the beloved produces them, it seems to the soul that he is awakening in its heart, where before he remained as though asleep. Although it was experiencing and enjoying him, this took place as though with a loved one who is asleep, for knowledge and love are not communicated mutually while one is still asleep