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Monday, 30 December 2013

Ralph Martin's Book Again

I have recommended Ralph Martin's book  before on this blog, but I cannot praise it enough, and so want to note that if you buy one book in 2014, buy this one.

Martin carefully examines the documents of Vatican II regarding many subjects, the main one being the two-pronged question of salvation and missionary work-the call of Christ to make disciples of all nations. The authors covers many aspects which plagued the reading of the Vatican II documents, such as Lumen Gentium. 

Actually, there is room of a second book on this subject. Martin tackles both Rahner and von Balthasar among others.

The strength of this book besides the scholarship, is that Martin is looking at the documents both as a scholar and as a person passionate about the salvation of souls. I especially appreciated his long study of Romans in light of Lumen Gentium.

If I was millionaire, I would buy a book for all my readers--but, as I am not, please go get it and read it. Four out of five stars, as I would have wanted him to address a few more points in depth.