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Sunday, 1 December 2013

The Assault on Man; how to withstand turmoil

The Jesuit North American Martyrs

In the midst of frenzy, fear, even panic, or simply, group dynamics, some people cannot withstand the movement of the group.

I remember ago when Ringo Starr got married and three girls in my gym class went into hysterics. They had to be taken to the nurse's office.

I was astounded and perplexed by this strange manifestation of the adoration or cult of personality.

For some reason, even as a young person, I have been immune to this.

But, many are not and many have been swept away and will be swept away by the cult of the Messiah, whoever he or she may be.

When the final time of tribulation comes, some will not be able to withstand the psychology of the mob following of a personality.

Only God, the Trinitarian God, deserves such adulation, adoration, assent of the will.

Catholics must learn now how to withstand such large movements of group dynamics which carries some people into a frenzy of support for false messiahs.

These few habits will help one not be taken in by false apparitions, false messages, false messiahs.

One, know the teachings of the Catholic Church so that you can judge all teaching as against this measure of Truth.

Two, learn to control your emotions, so that if these feelings are assaulted by conformity, you will be able to stand firmly in charge of feelings, which lie and deceive us so easily.

Three,  learn to think clearly and to withstand false ideas. If one is in a position where the intellect fails to help one discern, pray, pray, pray.

Four, remember and be grateful for past graces. In times of trial and extreme tribulation, the memory of God's goodness, as in the heart and songs of the great Psalmist, St. David, steady us. If we forget, pray, pray, pray.

Five, and most importantly, give your will to God. Make Him the Master of your will. Then, you will be able to withstand all pain and hardships. Strengthen your will by learning meditation and letting God teach you contemplative prayer.

Six, parents, teach your children these habits of discernment and virtue.

By the way, we need to make daily decisions which make us strong against evils, both great and small. Sometimes, God gives some of us a lifetime of practicing standing up to evil. This is the story of my life in education and in the field of work. Compromise sets us backwards, even to death of the soul.

In His Will is our peace. I am learning these lessons, and a book like Lord of the World outlines these steps in the character of Father Franklin. Do not kid yourself, we need to be strong in the days coming.

to be continued....