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Friday, 31 January 2014

On The Third Step of Humility Perfection Series II:xvi

The third step of humility is, for the love of God, to submit to one’s superior in all obedience, imitating the Lord of whom the apostle says, ‘He became obedient even to death.’
Tertius humilitatis gradus est ut quis pro pro Dei Amore oboedientia se subdat maiori, imitans Dominum, de quo dicat apostolus: Factus oboediens usque ad mortem.  (RB 7. 34)

I love synchronicity, when things overlap or come about at the same time. The blog above is covering St. Benedict's Third Step of Humility today, when I have just covered the First and Second.

How cool. Worth a read and well written.....

For the laity,this means obedience to God in the manner in which He shows you. To your state in life, such as in a marriage, there are levels of obedience. But, all laity must be obedient to Holy Mother Church in Her Teaching and in Her Liturgy.

That is simple.