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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

The Litany of Loreto Rosary Part Six-The Joyous Mysteries-The Fifth Mystery, The Finding of The Lord Jesus in The Temple

The Fifth Joyful Mystery The Finding of the Lord Jesus in The Temple Luke 2:41-52

Our Father

Dearest Mary, show us our childishness and pettiness and lead us to accept the responsibility of adulthood in all matter spiritual and physical, through the life of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Hail Mary one

Esther 2:15
For she was exceedingly fair, and her incredible beauty made her appear agreeable and amiable in the eyes of all.

Hail Mary two

Virgin most Renowned
The beloved, admired of all heaven, holy Mary lost Christ in the largest city in Judea at that time, Jerusalem. Mary's holiness and beauty must have been tried by the circumstances of her Baby's birth and by the terrible flight into Egypt. The young Mother, again, faced her responsibility for Christ's young life--and God showed her that she, even though the chosen woman, Mother of the Messiah, was not totally responsible. How difficult it is for us to learn what are our limitations and what are our responsibilities. Mary's reputation as a Mother suffered; her soul agonized over the loss of the Boy who she alone really knew, and understood more than any other human. But, did she understand the limitations of her relationship with Him? I think so, I think the Virgin most Renowned in all of creation knew from her own Immaculate Conception her role as Mother of God, as the Virgin above all praise. But, her humility was her crown.

Hail Mary three

Mary, we experience death in releasing the innocence of our own childhood and facing the responsibilities of adulthood. Pray for us that we may be willing to both accept the limitations of our humanity, and the glory of our vocations. Help us to accept the limited works given to us to do. Help us, dear Virgin, be humble.

Hail Mary four

Esther 2:17-18
And the king loved her more than all the women... and he set the royal crown on her head....

Hail Mary five

Virgin most Powerful
As the beloved Queen of God's Heart, as the Mother of the Most High God, Mary is the most powerful woman of all time. She has more power than Esther, than any other saint. And yet, Mary had to search three days for her young son, like the three days of Christ in the tomb years later. Mary's search was Christ's search. He searches. In the Temple, the world saw their true identities. Jesus verbalized His call as Teacher, Leader, Prophet. Mary laid aside her motherly power to allow Him to be Himself, God Incarnate. This event foreshadows both the Wedding Feast at Cana, when Mary's influence over her Son caused Him to begin His public life, and the Crucifixion, when Mary gave her Son to the world in pain and separation.
The most Powerful had to experience powerlessness, like her Son.

Hail Mary six

Virgin, pray with us, especially for mothers, that they may not be possessive of their children, but willingly allow God's Will to be done in their lives. You were never possessive, even though you possessed God.

Hail Mary seven

Esther 7:3
If I have found favor in Thy sight, O king, and if it please thee, give me my life for which I ask and my people for which I request.

Hail Mary eight

Virgin most Merciful
In the face of disapproval and death, Esther pleaded for her Jewish People in the presence of an enemy. Esther's mercy grew from prayer, fasting, and courage. She risked her life for her people, and, thereby, freed the Jews from the penalty of death. When Mary found the Christ Child, she revealed mercy through a new suffering--Christ answered her bluntly. Her detachment from Christ was a necessity in order for the Jews and the Gentile to be freed from sin and death. Virgin most Merciful gave us her Son in mercy. We are reminded of Christ's words: "Who is my mother and who are my brothers?" Mary's love, like Esther's, was tried by fire. Human love and divine love meet, and divine love transcends the Mother's human heart.

Hail Mary nine

Mother of Mercy, Mater misericordiae! Your are also Virgin Most Faithful, which means that you are my Mother, and Mother of the remnant. Pray for us in these times of confusion and chaos. Help us to be merciful as well as accepting mercy. Help us to be faithful in living in faith. Let us show courage in being merciful and faithful, and in giving mercy through forgiveness based on good faith. Virgin Most Faithful, help us grow by Faith, while in the Dark Night. Mercy and Faithfulness combine to help us reach out to others at all times, in season and out of season.

Hail Mary ten

Glory be

Fatima Prayer

To be continued....