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Friday, 7 February 2014

Armenian Church To Canonize Victims of The Great Massacre

"Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians?" - Hitler, 1939.

The Armenian Church was absolutely under attack by the Muslims. People use the euphemism of the "Ottoman Turks"-hey Muslims did this.  And, some still deny the "Great Crime" to this day.

1893–96 Armenian population in Ottoman Empire: 1,003,571 (Ottoman Turkish statistics)

1914 Armenian population in Ottoman Empire: 1,219,323 (Ottoman Turkish statistics)

1921 Armenian population in Turkey: 281,000 (US estimate) wiki statistics

In 1914, the Armenian Patriarch in Constantinople presented a list of the Armenian holy sites under his supervision. The list contained 2,549 religious places of which 200 were monasteries while 1,600 were churches. In 1974 UNESCO stated that after 1923, out of 913 Armenian historical monuments left in Eastern Turkey, 464 have vanished completely, 252 are in ruins, and 197 are in need of repair (in stable conditions).[199][200]    wiki again 

As of 2011, the governments of twenty-one countries, including RussiaFrance, as well as forty-three states of the United States of America, have recognized the events as 'genocide'.[2] Turkey and Azerbaijan deny the Armenian genocide.

It is shameful that in Great Britain, only Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have recognized this genocide. England has not. Ireland has not recognized this genocide, which is absolutely hypocritical of this state, and in America, 43 U.S. states have recognized the Armenian Genocide; as of May 2011 this includes every state in the Union with the exception of AlabamaMississippi,West VirginiaIndianaIowaWyoming, and South Dakota.[52] wiki again

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Thanks to wiki NYT article 1915