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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

February 24, 303 XI

In the times of the Great Persecution, the army was re-organized to become even more faithful to the emperor.

The financial life of the empire was re-organized with new taxes.

Family life was "renewed" with the revival of the cult of the gods of Olympus.

One must stop and say that on the outside  these ideas looked good to the public who thirsted for renewal.

But, what was the problem with Rome on the "inside"? What levels of evil lurked under the reorganization of a great people?

There is only one evil which informed all the great evils which led to and which sustained the Great Persecution. And that one evil is idolatry.

One a people idolized their own civilization more than God, the end of that people is near.

The one thing which the early Church had clear was that there was only One God in Three Divine Persons to be loved and worshiped. All else came from this focal point.

But, dear readers, one must practice this denial of sin and the denial of the will daily.

Do you think the early Catholics lived in nice times?

This is the world in which they lived. Catholics need to prepare for more.

The inside eventually becomes the outside--the dead souls eventually take over the lands once led by those who were trying to be good.

Idolatry is the great sin of this age.

Only those who worship the one true God, the Trinitarian God can stand up against such evil.

Are you getting ready?