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Monday, 3 March 2014

A Belle Wether

Some things I have known for a long time. Part of this is that I am very sensitive to the spiritual world. Part of it is that I am a poet and poet have antennae for movements. Part of it is that I take my Church seriously and when a Pope, when not a Pope, in 1963, warned of a pruning of the Church and I read this years later, I took this warning seriously.

I notice things. Some of us are weather vanes or bellwethers, the leading sheep in a flock which causes the others to follow.

One does not choose such a life, as it is painful. The life of the prophet is one of sticks and stones. And, the prophet is never accepted in his or her own town.

I warned of the dangers of the man who is now president in 2004. I warned my students of the ACT in 2009.  I warned friends of coming wars involving Russia and China as early as 2008.

None of my ideas are "rocket science", but merely reactions to history and the present dangers. One also listens to the saints, the angels, one's own gut reactions.

Now, we are quickly sliding into chaos, as exemplified by the absence of our so-called leader from an important meeting, and the sending of a rabbit to another important meeting on Tuesday.

Never before in the history of America have the citizens lacked brilliant, honorable leadership as we do now.

Never before in the history of the Catholic Church in America have we lacked brilliant and bold leadership at the top as we do now.

We all shall suffer from this lack of leadership.

This crisis is of our own making. How many parents encouraged their sons and daughters to become priests and nuns? How many parents encourage their sons and daughters to become excellent civil servants and good politicians?

I have written about the death of noblesse oblige on this blog before. Nobility in leadership seems dead on two continents as the narcissists and self-seekers run the show.

Sadly, the ideology of communism never left Europe, and my Gramsci articles have not been well read. These warned people of the coming crisis. Few seemed to care or realize that his writings have been seriously used by the powers that be.

Does anyone think that the Church will be suddenly triumphant under either complete chaos and anarchy or strict communism?  Dream on. The remnant is very, very small.

The main line Catholic media has deserted us, and we have one or two Catholic voices which speak the truth.

But, these men are labelled trouble-makers and are marginalized. Such were the saints.

If you are not preparing for chaos, you are purposefully being dull. You shall be held responsible for the souls in your care if you are ignoring the signs of the times.