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Monday, 17 March 2014

A new idea two....

It is almost impossible to get real news in the States. One wonders if the five groups (people) which own the five largest media outlets in the world give us the real deal. Of course, the answer is "no".

I wrote several weeks ago on the necessity of discernment. Most Catholics do not discern either the signs of the times, or the reality of mass manipulation.

Blogs may be the last free expression of truth, but trying to find good sources proves to be more and more difficult.

When I was last in Europe, I distinctly felt that the news from some quarters was "fixed', as is most, if not all the news, in this country.

Readers of newspapers here and watchers of the main-stream-media do not get the truth.

Even a popular Catholic TV station does not report the important stuff. Sad.

I put out a feeler yesterday to start a new Catholic newspaper for Great Britain. No one offered to help.

The laity are caught up in the jello state of apathy. I would like help to set up a news website and try my hardest to get real news, which may be almost impossible.

Are there no lay persons interested in helping?

If people fall for falsified sources and for editorials and articles not in keeping with Catholic teaching, they have only themselves to blame for not finding the real deal.