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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

A Plea to Bishops and Priests

Dear Holy Bishops and Priests,

Every two weeks of so, as a Catholic blogger, people from around Europe and America asks me how to find an exorcist in their area.

50% of the dioceses in America have no priest-exorcist. A shortage in Great Britain causes many problems, and those priests who are exorcists in Europe, find themselves severely overworked.

The same is true here in the Midwest. One exorcist I know personally covers a seven state area, plus Canada. He even gets letters and emails from England. He needs to retire, as he is in his 80s, but there is no one to take his place.

I am begging priests to consider the call to become exorcists. I am begging bishops to appoint exorcists. 

Holy Priests, If your bishop asks you to consider this, please say "yes". So many people are suffering from demonic obsession, oppression or even possession, with the increase in the occult and cults, even among children.

Dear Priests and Bishops, pray for exorcists, and pray that God would raise up more spiritual champions.

Thank you,