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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Looking Ahead

A clever mom asked me advice on what to do if home schooling becomes illegal. Short of immigrating to Greenland, I think one could consider these possibilities.

One, starting a home schooling school, which I tried to do in this area with another mom six years ago. The talk I presented to moms and dads attracted about 130 people. We divided a discussion group into high school and elementary school children and parents. The idea was to have me and others pool resources to have a school based on home schooling, or just classes. Of course, with the tyranny of the Common Core and the fact that the new ACT will reflect the CC, parents may not be able to avoid some rules.

Two, a school may be started easily. I highly suggest looking at the NAPCIS site. I helped start up several grade and high schools from scratch, as well as a college. This is easier than one would think.

Three, setting up a long-distance learning company and include students at home or in home schooling schools which would be legal in some states.

The most important thing, however, is to train your children in the virtues early in order to become saints, now. If the tyranny in the US continues, your children will be taken away from you.

Look at my long series on virtue training and home schooling from last summer.