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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Signs of The Illuminative State: Perfection Series II: lxi

Here are a few signs of someone who is in the Illuminative State. These are taken from Garrigou-Lagrange, St. Catherine, and from observation.

One, the person easily lives a life of virtue, without constraints and with joy, as well as a complete self-forgetfulness.

Two, the person is not sinning even with venial sins, or rarely.

Three, the person is separated from pride and acts of self-aggrandizement. Humility marks the person in the Illuminative State.

Four, this person makes an impression on others with the least effort; for example, one or two words spoken by this person creates changes in others.

Five, the person does not care for mercenary or other rewards, but is complete without expectations for consolations either from humans or from God.

Six, the person walks with God daily, and is given infused knowledge about things and people. Even though this walk may not include consolations, the person knows by a deep conviction that the Bridegroom is with her.

Seven, the conscience is keen and one sees imperfections immediately if the purgation is not complete. However, for those truly in the last stage of the Illuminative State, there are no imperfections left.

Eight, the predominant fault has been utterly destroyed.

Nine, the person walks in light, and is no longer affected by the dark, but transcends the darkness with the awareness that God is always with him.

Ten, good works, great deeds, the real building of the Kingdom of God form the work of the person in the Illuminative state, the last stage.

To be continued.....