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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Dealing with suffering

This is a list of things people do wrong when faced with suffering. The second list is what they can do with suffering with is valuable.

What not to do with suffering:

be angry
blame others
blame circumstances
blame God
blame the Church
complain more
forget to pray
forget to go the Church more often
do not listen to cynical friends
do not fall into self-hatred
do not fall into self-pity

What to do when suffering:

beg God to show you why
beg God to reveal your sins
beg God to reveal your predominant fault
beg God to take the suffering for repararton of your sins
offer the suffering for the sins of others, especially family members
be patient
be calm
be resigned
read the lives of the saints
read the perfection and Dark Night series on this blog
praise and thank God for the opportunity to be purified
be thankful again and again and again