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Friday, 25 April 2014

I touched a saint and I am asking that he touch me

Well, years ago, when I was a guest at the Venerabile in Rome, I attended several Masses of Blessed John Paul II. At one, I was in the front of a barrier at the Gesu for Epiphany Mass. Blessed John Paul II was walking by in order to go up to the altar, when he stopped to bless a little toddler in the arms of a dad standing next to me. As John Paul II reached out to bless the boy, I, like those bold ladies in the New Testament, reached out and touched the Pope.

Those were the days before hyper-security. Now, since my eyes were operated on last month, I have had serious troubles with both. I have seen the specialist who just told me to come back if things got worse.

Instead, I prayed to Blessed John Paul II and asked him to heal the problems with both eyes.

I reminded him that I touched him, and that time does not matter in the world of the spirit.

Today, there is a difference in my eyes. I believe Blessed John Paul II will heal the problems. The worst of the symptoms are gone for the first time, but the problems are not gone completely. Please join me in prayer for a complete healing of both of my eyes.

I shall keep you posted on this.