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Saturday, 5 April 2014

On Justice Part Two

A second misunderstanding regarding justice plagues the thinking of modern Catholics, as well as pagans. This idea centers around the fact that many people do not believe that God IS Just. They think God's ways are too harsh, too demanding, to strict.

A fallen away Catholic told a friend of mine that the Catholic Church was "too hard" and "too exacting", asking too much of people.

I would hope that my friend answered that the Church only repeats the teachings of Christ and that Christ has called us all to perfection.

Sin is called "human" when it is, actually, sub-human, less than human, to sin.

I feel that the time of mercy, which God allowed and called forth through St. Faustina, is fast coming to an end. I see a time in the near future when the justice of God will be more obvious than the mercy of God.

I believe that a time is coming soon when all of us will experience a type of "darkness", as if God had removed Himself from the world. At least, it will seem this way, as God will allow satan to sift all people in order to save those who are away from God and in order to perfect the faithful.

In other words, I think we shall all be plunged into a communal Dark Night, where God will hide His mercy and let His justice fall upon the earth.

Are you ready for this? Is your faith strong enough for the removal of mercy in the face of justice?