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Friday, 16 May 2014


The small herd of Black Angus across the gravel road, begin eating about four in the morning. These animals, and their young, eat all day. Grass and hay form the main stuff of their diet.

Sometimes, they move to another part of the hilly farm. Sometimes these huge animals lay down around some small plum trees, or stand in the shade under some stunted maples.

One male turkey of an impressive size and one rather scrawny female turkey live in the same field. Deer use to come out of the woods to the field, which consists of a few low hills, but since the cows basically live in the fields all day and all night, the deer have moved on.

Black Angus eat and then die in the autumn. The entire purpose for their existence is to provide food for Americans. These animals have no idea of the future or their ultimate destiny.

Some Catholics are acting in a similar manner, eating, drinking, enjoying the sunshine, without any life of reflection.

Catholics are not dumb beasts which live on instincts. However, too many Catholics, both NO and trads, seem to living as if they were unaware of their destinies as well.

We are all created for a purpose. That purpose was determined in the Mind of God from all eternity. God knows us and our purpose. He watches over us, like the agents to tend this farm across the road. But, God waits for us to awake to our vocation and the pursuit of fulfillment in Him.

People with cow-minds never think, never reflect, merely react. These people may live relatively good lives, but lives without purpose.

Think, pray, reflect, act. Become a full human being.