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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Hope, Faith, Love and The Sins Against the Holy Spirit

Even educated Catholics have fallen into error concerning free will, the formation of conscience, and sin.

Conversations today and yesterday remind me that many Catholics do not understand the sins which surround them. The false teaching in many places regarding culpability created mushy minds which cannot grasp the fact that those who choose against the Catholic Faith after having been given the opportunity to see the Truth are those who have sinned seriously. We need to pray for those who have turned their back on the Church after hearing the Gospel preached and after having been taught some of the basics, or even higher levels.

One of Newman's contemporaries said that he admired him but one could not understand how Newman could choose the Catholic Church.

Blindness? Obstinacy?

Below is a list of the sins against the Holy Spirit. Yes, people do freely choose these. To deny choice is to deny free will in these matters.

Envy of spiritual goods may be a vastly common sin, as some people who are suffering in the throes of sin refuse to repent and, therefore, hate those who are in sanctifying grace. Satan hates those in sanctifying grace. 

Obstinacy in sin forms a huge blockage, as one has been told the truth of sin and repentance, but one chooses to go against such teaching. 

Why a person is obstinate may be for simple reasons, like wanting one's own way, or wanting to be popular.

Final impenitence denies the fact that God desires all the be saved. 

Some of the sins against hope are presumption and despair.

These are sins against the Holy Spirit directly, as one turns away from Truth to listen to the devil, the world, or the flesh.

If one knows the Truth and turns against it, this sin is a serious mortal sin, depriving the mind of discernment and the soul of grace.


1. Presumption of God's mercy.
2. Despair.
3. Impugning the known truth.
4. Envy at another's spiritual good.
5. Obstinacy in sin.
6. Final impenitence.