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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Peter Pam

I have written about Peter Pan-see all the links.

But, I have forgotten, until today, Peter Pams.

The same syndrome that can affect men who become Peter Pans has affected women.

Now, the women in my generation tend to be strong and independent. We were raised that way, to do something for others in families and in the world. All my closest female friends have amazing gifts and talents, plus children (grown up, mostly) and strong prayer lives.

The Baby-Boomers were not spoiled and we had to earn praise. Most of us grew up in families where we had to share and we escaped being "princesses".

Along came a generation of smaller families owing to contraception and the entitlement mentality. Disney brainwashed millions of girls into thinking "someday my prince will come" and deliver then from the boredom of materialism and consumerism. But, the consumerism morphed.

I have a list of steps on "how to create a Peter Pan".  Here is how to create a Peter Pam.

1) Stifle and overprotect the girl so that she never has time to develop into her own self.

2) Buy her love, so that she will expect things for the rest of her life.

3) Constantly give her what she wants, never deny her and spoil her.

4) Do not let her do chores, like dishes, laundry, cooking, sewing. Make her think housework is beneath her.

5) Make her hate children by passing on your own hatred of children.

6) Make her totally dependent on men by teaching her to be a sex object.

7) Let her use her power of manipulation unbridled.

8) Forget she has a soul and a brain.

9) Make her want to remain a little girl by creating fear and cowardice in her being. Never let her make mistakes.

10) Ignore her real needs, like discipline, and guidance, especially from dad.

11) Let her date too young and too often, and do not pay attention to whom she is dating.

12) Be friends with your daughter and not parents.