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Thursday, 29 May 2014

WOW! Only NOs can support this pope?

I did not publish a nasty comment which was so revealing about a new mindset, I must address the false idea behind it.

First of all, nastiness is not published.

Second of all, the fallacy of ad hominem is not published.

Thirdly, as I have written on this and other blogs before, the last two generations have not learned logic or argumentation. Too many younger people fall into name-calling and subjectivism, as they never learned rational discourse.

But, the HUGE false idea in the nasty comment was this. And, hold on to your hat.

That traditional Catholics cannot and should not support or honor this current pope.


A traditional Catholic loves the Church and honors whoever is in the office of the Pontifex. A traditional Catholic can criticize to a certain extent, but not to the extent of either trashing the pope, or seeing him as not the true pope.

One moves into heresy, into sedevacantism, if one follows that path.

To think that only Novus Ordo Catholics should honor this pope reveals a hatred of the Church. I was amazed at a person equalling traditionalism with pope bashing.

The pope has not declared anything heretical from the Chair of Peter.

The pope has made some media blunders, which most likely happened with other popes in Rome ages past, but no one was there to tweet about such.

I am a traditional Catholic, but I am not schismatic, nor a "sede".

Be careful, Trads, that you do not cross the line.

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