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Sunday, 10 August 2014

God makes new doughnuts everyday, continued...

I am slowly changing my online lifestyle.

I am not on facebook and have shut down my twitter account. I shall miss my twitter friends, especially the ones I only meet on twitter. But, move on I must.

Twitter is important for political reasons, but not really for religious reasons. There are some readers overseas who benefit from twitter, but most know how to find this blog, now.

I know the sites as to where to get news.

But, the main reason is that I am going to concentrate on fewer topics on this blog.

Fr. Z, THE blogger, can keep you all updated on the day to day Catholic life in America and even abroad. Rorate Caeli also is good, and there is Zenit, and LifeSiteNews, as well as SPUC. I also recommend The Big Pulpit and The Catholic Herald, from Great Britain.

If you all want real news, go to foreign sources. Use Drudge.

I think that my readers can move around the net as easy as I can and keep up.

My blog has mostly been on spiritual growth, on teaching people the Faith, and how to think like Catholics.  Education has always been my calling.

But, like an decent college professor, who is honest, one must concentrate on a few things to be really effective.

And, as the Gates of Mordor are opening and spewing out the armies of evil in so many ways and so many lands, time is even getting shorter. I act while I have the light. But, even the Armies of the Men of the West had to reconsider what to do before the Black Gates.

One must stop and act strategically.

I am not ready to give up the blog, although the time will come when, of course, I shall. I shall know when that is, just as I knew clearly when to start, when to stop, and when to start again. I shall know when to move on, but not yet. Part of doing this blog is that I love the Church so much, and Christ, the Bridegroom, that I want to share the Truth of the majesty of the Church's teaching, and the love of Christ.

I love my readers. I love teaching and sharing the Faith. I am a natural teacher and a writer.

If I could, I would write essays for another site, not my own. But, God has blessed this blog.

So, continue to pray for me to use this platform for the New Evangelization, which I take seriously.

Many of my readers are re-verts and converts. Some are not Catholic, but are interested in the Faith.

St. Paul wrote even under house arrest. And, as you who follow me know, I feel like a "stranger in a strange land." I look to St. Paul for help in my life, as he leads all of us to act as the Church Militant. Remember, the Church Militant includes priests, nuns, monks, sisters, lay persons. St. Paul was a rabbi who became a Catholic priest, spreading the Gospel, founding churches, and finally, dying for the Faith. More than any other apostle, I see him as a model for our mobile times.

Keep praying, please. I still do not think that most Catholics understand how little time we have left for freedom of the press, freedom of speech.