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Friday, 1 August 2014

Mother Rita, RIP

I am surprised today to be told that Mother Rita, who was my immediate head when I was in the monastery in Cobh, has died.

She was healthy when I saw her last in May of 2013 in London, when we met up again in April, when I was there. The convent will miss her terribly. She had been in a nursing order for years when she requested entrance to Tyburn. She worked with me in Cobh, as I cleaned the guest houses and did other cleaning while I was there. She was a great companion as well as head, helping me discern things and giving me advice.

She was a small woman from African descent and full of energy and love. I cannot be in Tyburn, but I offer my condolences to the community there. The Benedictine way is a shortcut to perfection. God did not want me to stay, but how I miss Tyburn.

Mother Rita, God bless you. I am sure you are with God. Intercede for me and for vocations.