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Friday, 19 September 2014

From LifeSiteNews

From LifeSiteNews...........

I have some bombshell news to share with you.
You see, four years ago we began implementing a groundbreaking social media strategy for LifeSite.

The goal was to get the life-saving message of the Culture of Life out to millions more people, right where they are – on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

To say this strategy was a success would be a massive understatement. It was revolutionary!

Thanks largely to our rapidly growing presence on social media, traffic to LifeSite grew by over 400% in those four years, to over 20 million unique visitors last year - with many of those new visitors coming directly from social media sites like Facebook!

Those staggering numbers translated into
  • MORE lives saved from abortion
  • MORE people converting from the Culture of Death to the Culture of Life
  • MORE activists like you armed with the facts you need to be more effective culture warriors.
But by now you’re probably thinking: So where’s the bombshell?

Well, out of the blue, Facebook has announced that they are dramatically changing the way businesses and organizations - including limited-income non-profits like ours - communicate with our Facebook fans who chose to follow us, and who RELY on our daily posts!

Until last December, a large percentage of our over 500,000 Facebook fans would see the many articles that we posted, which they in turn shared with their friends.
Now, Facebook forces us, and hundreds of thousands of similar organizations, to fork out tens of thousands of dollars to reach our fans (fans we spent YEARS accumulating)!
We simply do not have the funds to do that!
Therefore, our fans have seen a massive drop in LifeSite stories on their Facebook feed since then.
If you are a Facebook user and have been wondering why LifeSite seems to have almost disappeared from your feed, even though you have friended us, now you know the reason…’s Facebook, not us! 
Obviously this was a smart business move for Facebook. But right now, it is hurting LifeSite's mission!
Tens of thousands of people who have indicated they want to read our reports are being blocked from this information, unless we pay big dollars for the right to share with our Facebook friends - for every post!
Unlike many for-profit corporations and media organizations, we simply don’t have the funds to suddenly start spending that kind of money on Facebook marketing.
And sadly, thanks to Facebook’s changes, for the first time in five years, traffic to our site is no longer growing.
But fortunately, all is not lost. Far from it.
In fact, for the past six months we have been working on a number of tools that will enable us to reach more people than ever before with the good news of the Culture of Life!
Our new website was just the first step in this process. 
But in order for us to make the best use of these tools, the blunt fact is that we actually need to far surpass our minimum $150,000 campaign goal.
And yet, thanks to Facebook’s changes, it is now harder than ever for us to reach many of our core readers to even ask for a donation!
So not only do we need to add a new category of marketing expenses to our budget, it’s even harder for us to raise the minimum funds necessary for our basic operating expenses!
That’s why I need you to make the most generous gift you possibly can, today!
I can’t tell you how excited I am about some of the things LifeSite is developing to help spread the message of the Culture of Life.
A year from now, I firmly believe we will be reaching far more people than in our entire history.
But in order to get there, we desperately need your help today.
Please, make a donation today, and consider asking your friends and family to do the same.
Thank you so much for your support. Because TOGETHER we can create a Culture of Life!
For life and family,
John Jalsevac
Managing Editor

P.S. - With the changes Facebook has made to require non-profits like LifeSite to PAY to reach our fans, we need to surpass our goal now more than ever! Click here to make a donation to our Fall Campiagn today.