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Friday, 26 September 2014

Two Worlds Separated by Age

I considered myself "older middle-aged". Old is always ten years older than I am. My mother told me last summer that she liked a certain restaurant as it was full of young people. "I do not like being around old people all the time," she said,

and she is 86. Dad is 91.

They are old.

I am not.

But, more and more I see that the young, who I claim are those under 45, simply do not understand the old.

Nor do they want to do so.

When I was a young person, still living at home, every Sunday we visited both grandmas. First, we visited Dad's mom and then we visited Mom's mom. They joined us for birthdays and holidays, although one had to take turns as she had so many children and grandchildren.

Now, I think the young may not even see the elderly on regular basis. Sometimes, families must move for jobs. This is the way it has always been in America.

But, do people still "visit"?  Mobility has destroyed the ability to just pop in and sit down for a visit.

Two days ago, two old sisters, (89 and 83), popped in on my for a visit. We had such a good time talking about God, prayer, the saints. They are full of wonderful stories. They pray.

To visit is to bridge the age gaps, but so many people are so busy and the Internet had taken the place of visiting, that I wonder if this custom is gone forever.

Two worlds are separated, the young and the old, but new ways of communication. Those older friends of mine who are not on the Net may write letters or cards, but I must admit I am closest now to those with whom I can "talk with" on line.

Most of my older friends live far, far away from me.

We are separated by time, space, money, travel.

So, even in my world, there are separations.

We have lost the ability to pop-in. which brings together the old and the young.