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Tuesday, 28 October 2014


One of my reasons for this blog has been to help teach the laity to be saints. As I wrote a few days ago, we are in the Age of the Laity for one reason-the weakness of the clergy.

Now, everything which Michael talks about above, in this pdf of his most recent video, I experienced in college when I did my theology degree. The rot had taken over almost every instructor and class in the department-and my education at that time was from 1967-1971.

Thankfully, God intervened and began to sort out the bad ideas I had learned, the Protestant theology, especially with regards to Scripture, and the abysmal lack of Thomism I endured working on my philosophy degree.

It took me years to learn, mostly on my own, what I should have learned in college and did not, and in fact I had experienced learning the opposite.

Lay people, stop moaning, and take charge of you own faith walk. This blog is dedicated to make you all think like real Catholics. For those who have been reading my stuff since 2007, you know this well.

Michael Voris has tons of good stuff on his website for you to fill in the gaps of your own education

Stop sending your children to wishy-washy Catholic schools

And, pray for seminarians, who are still, especially in the States, as well as places in Europe, being taught heresy. Pray that these men are not corrupted.

Read the above pdf and know why those of us who are lay must be strong. And copy my articles from this blog now, as one never knows the day or the hour when we sharers of the Truth will be silenced.