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Monday, 6 October 2014

Fear Mongering

I myself would add, "and a toothbrush". However, I did not come up with the idea of not panicking in space. But, people are beginning to panic as they have to face, perhaps, death.

Ancient peoples understood that all people die. They saw people succumb to disease, war, poverty. In modern societies, death seems to be avoided. Great lengths are taken to hide death. Deceit about disease, war, poverty minimize risks. But, one must face death. We all do.

Some Americans are panicking because of the Ebola outbreak. There are true dangers which could be lessened by smart governmental policies. But, where are the leaders?

War is also a danger for the entire Western world. Old enemies of the West and new ones want to destroy our civilization.

Poverty is still hidden in the United States. Many old people face undernourishment, lack of heat, and necessary medicines. As one who has had to choose in the past between food and meds, I know how painful this situation can be.

But, despite the reality of so many threats, what is on the news is the purposeful creation of a fear culture.

Governments create fear in order to control people.

In older days, governments created fears about minorities, fanning ancient prejudices. So, history witnessed the Holocaust.

Fear mongering creates passivity among citizens, who feel overwhelmed, helpless, feelings which allow tyrants to control passive peoples.

This is exactly what is happening. To live in fear is not to be Christian.

We live in hope, knowing that death is not the end.

How interesting that it is those who do not have real faith are those who are panicking.

Panic not.

The British won the war...

to be continued......................................