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Friday, 17 October 2014

Friday Review

If you missed the mini-series on Gethsemane and Eden,  and the new beginning of the sixth perfection series, use today to catch up. I was out all day. And, no, the garbage bin is NOT waiting to get on the bus....

The really old buses looked like those below. Most people miss them, but they did not have air conditioning and people hung out on the outside. I wonder if these were on time?

For transport fanatics, here is a website with some interesting historical information. Train lovers, pick out the videos to watch in the middle of the article.

The Last Yellow Buses is a great, short video as well.

This one is cute as well...for a late Friday evening when I am plumb tuckered out.  But, as seen if you scroll down on the site above, one notices the statue of the Pieta and Latin phrase "And the Word was made Flesh", in the bus...good old days of Malta.