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Monday, 13 October 2014

Get Ready for Outward Schism

Many bishops and priests have been in schism for a long time-at least fifty years, and especially since Humanae Vitae. The problem is that now it is becoming obvious.

I pray for those Catholics who will be confused as to the real teaching of the Catholic Church and who will go along with any bishop, archbishop or cardinal who rejects the ancient teachings of Christ.

We may see huge split, which has been hidden for years, but now is clearly to be seen. It will take several years for the Synod's final draft on marriage and the family.

Here are my predictions.
  • Some bishops, archbishops and cardinals will draft their own findings after the one, true, holy and apostolic Church changes nothing. This second or separate draft will look real but will not be.
  • Some will declare official documents null and void
  • Those bishops, archbishops, cardinals who stay with Rome will be THE REMNANT.
  • Americans will split like the Germans quickly and clearly-so will some Great Britain clerics
  • Get it?
  • Jesus will guide the remnant, which will be VERY SMALL.
  • As to the Pope, no pope has ever said from the Chair of Peter anything contrary to the teaching of Christ. This is impossible, as the Holy Spirit runs the Church.
I spoke with a FSSP priest about this schism in 2000, as it was already obvious to me. He replied that it was inevitable, but that God was giving people a time of mercy to get their heads turned the right way around. THE TIME OF MERCY IS OVER.

And, confusion can exist in Rome and spill out over the entire world. But not from the true Church.

This confusion is already happening.

Pray daily for this pope, please. Pray for your bishops not to become schismatic.

Pray for the laity not to fall away from the Church in confusion. Schismatics most likely, as Dante notes, go to hell for disobedience and recalcitrance. This is not new, sadly, in the history of the Church.


The secular world hates Rome, the only true Church and Christ.

This is warfare, pure and not so simple...........................