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Sunday, 12 October 2014

God Dealing with The Predominant Fault

When one asks and allows God to enter into one's soul and deal with one's predominant fault or faults, He does. It is hard but once one begins the journey it is not so hard.In fact, one senses the way God breaks up that fault through things which happen in one's life.

It is so interesting. God gently breaks pride, but not harshly. He gently ends anger, by bringing love and forgiveness into one's life. He gently ends doubt and selfishness by creating episodes which break down the ego and replace it with complete trust in Divine Providence.

One senses the love of God in these events and movements of the spirit. God works though other people in love and sometimes, through hate.

However, the triumph of humility over pride is worth all the suffering.

God cannot be put into a box. We cannot determine when and how He will work with us. God is in charge. But, the good angels help us, keep us strong, bring us to pray and thanksgiving.

When one prays for something, one must expect an answer. It will come in God's time.

Praise be to Jesus Christ. Now and forever